Welcome to the PepeWojak token! Pepe and Wojak made a team to defeat all other meme tokens!
Combination of the two most popular memes = road to success in the world of meme tokens. We wanted to make the lead token for the community. Our token is 100% safe and secure, because we have SAFU contract.
As a launch method, we have chosen pinksale fair launch, as we think this is really the most fair variant to launch a project. Come to our fair launch and take part in your best journey!
No team tokens, liquidity locked for 1 year, 0% BUY TAX, cool meme NFTs + community-driven ⇒ perfect structure for the spaceship to the moon.
Let's make our way to the top together! Unite, shill, post and spread a word! — Team of PepeWojak, for our beloved holders
Tokenomics⁣ – Learn about token
Roadmap⁣ – Project plans
Marketing⁣ – twitter, TG calls etc
SAFU + Security + KYC⁣ – why 100% safe
NFTs⁣ – how can you get NFTs
NFT bank⁣ – what to do with NFTs
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